Call2Call Workshop

An open session to co-design the open call of the first mobility pilot

The Call2Call workshop session has taken place on the 19th of November as a follow-up of the previous action WhereTo? workshop. After outlining the best practices and the key points for a mobility exchange for makers, the MAX project brought together once again a team of experienced creatives and stakeholders of the CCI’s to develop a template for the pilot’s program. 

This time around, the workshop divided all participants into three working groups, each dedicated to a different focus: WHO, to identify the ideal target group of the call; WHAT, to shape the program’s structure; and WHY, to define the evaluation process. In each group, different professionals examined with their expertise the various opportunities, potentials and limitations of such an ambitious project.

The driving values that have led the discussion were inclusivity, cooperation and community-making. The MAX project prospects to trigger a positive impact on local creative and productive realities through collaborations among makers and makerspaces from all around Europe. The workshop gave voice to stakeholders and creatives who acknowledged the value of intangible factors, the sharing and exchange of skills and knowledge and the establishment of broader networks and communities as key features for a successful European mobility program.

The results of the workshop highlighted also the importance of assuring an online exchange in respect to the COVID-pandemic, without renouncing projectuality and mentorship between makers and makerspaces.

The next step for the project is finalizing the structure of the call and getting ready for launching the pilot in early December 2020.

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