COVID-19 Crisis & CCI Workers Pan-European Research | Relaunch Announcement


In anticipation of a very difficult winter for the cultural and creative sector, it is now time to use our voices!

We need to gather as much information as we can about the damage that our sector has suffered in order to be able to force local governments and the European Commission to act.

We are relaunching the survey on the effects the COVID-19 crisis has had on CCI workers across Europe, in order to create a strong argument to advocate for our sector.
It is imperative that we all participate and share it with anyone concerned!

It takes up to 15 minutes to fill out and it is completely anonymous.

The survey will be open until November 15th and results will be published soon afterwards and sent to participants as well if they wish.

More info:

The research is covering all 27-member state countries, UK, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Moldova.

It concerns all CCI sectors:

  • Architecture
  •  Landscape architecture
  •  Film / Audio / Video
  •  Photography
  •  Music
  •  Fashion design or Textile design
  •  Graphic design
  •  Product design
  •  Service design
  •  Advertising, Marketing and Communication
  •  Software development and Video game development
  •  Research and Development
  •  Performance arts (Theatre, Music, Dance)
  •  Visual arts (Illustration, Sculpture, Painting)
  •  Media (TV, Radio, Print, Online media)
  •  Literature, Publishing and Library Science
  •  Creative crafts
  •  Creative tourism
  •  Museums and Cultural heritage

Here is the list of all the survey’s ambassadors across Europe:

1. LaVallee, Bruxelles, Belgium
2. Wap’s hub, Tournai, Belgium
3. Missia 23, Sofia, Bulgaria 
4. AZIL, Zagreb, Croatia
5. BIZkoshnica, Zagreb, Croatia
6. Culture Hub Croatia, Split, Croatia
7. Hub Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
8. Republikken, Copenhagen, Denmark
9. Kaapeli, Helsinki, Finland
10. Union Gewerbehof, Dortmund, Germany
11. Bios, Athens, Greece
12. Changemakers Lab, Mytilini, Greece
13. FIX In art, Thessaloniki, Greece
14. Stonesoup, Athens, Greece
15. BOOM! Studios, Bangor, Ireland
16. Creative Spark, Dundalk, Ireland
17. BASE Milano, Milan, Italy
18. Comincenter, Potenza – Matera, Italy
19. Warehouse, Marotta (PU), Italy
20. ZIPhouse, Chisinau, Moldova
21. CRU cowork, Porto, Portugal
22. Dinamo10, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
23. Fab Lab Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
24. UPTEC, Porto, Portugal
25. Faber, Timisoara, Romania
26. FOR, Timisoara, Romania
27. Nova Iskra, Belgrade, Serbia
28. Poligon, Ljubljana,  Slovenia
29. AndaCowork, Granada, Spain
30. CoEspai Girona, Girona, Spain
31. Espacio Arroelo, Pontevedra, Spain
32. The Living Room, Malaga, Spain
33. STPLN, Malmo, Sweden
34. De Besturing, The Hague, The Netherlands
35. Dutch Creative Residency Network, The Hague, The Netherlands
36. Atolye, Istanbul , Turkey
37. Many studios CIC, Glasgow, UK
38. Originn, Izmir, Turkey
39. Mob, Barcelona, Spain
40. 1535 Creative Hub, Differdange, Luxembourg
41. “Τuesday coworking” – MoreThanADesk GmbH,  Berlin, Germany 
42. The Artist and the Others, Maastricht, The Netherlands 
43. Croatian Independent Professional Association / Hrvatsko društvo nezavisnih profesionalaca,  Zagreb, Croatia 
44. Artcor – Creative Industries Center, Chișinău, Moldova
45. MA Sphère, Toulouse, France 
46., Cordoba, Spain
47. Volumes, Paris, France
48. Alchemy Hub, Brasov, Romania 
49. Betahaus, Barcelona, Spain
50. Anyksciai art incubator – art studio,  Anyksciai, Lithuania 
51. Blitz Valletta, Malta,
52. Tershouse, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

You can join the team of ambassadors by completing this form:

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