COVID-19 Crisis & CCI Workers Preliminary Pan-European research | Deadline Extension

We are extending the survey until September!

It is really important to reach the goal of this survey and boost our efforts to achieve it!

We need as many responses as possible for CCI workers to force local governments and the European Commission to act asap.

Here is the link to the survey again for your convenience: 

The survey covers all cultural and creative sectors in 35 countries.
You can become an ambassador in your country and have a first hand access to the conclusions of the survey to advocate for the sector in your local context but also keep in mind that this survey is taken in notice by the European Commission.
You can find more info and a complete list of ambassadors in the following link : 

You can join the team of ambassadors by completing this form:
You will receive a kit from us with images and suggested texts and actions for the dissemination. 
Please note that the above kit is only indicative and we encourage you to feel free and communicate the survey the best way you think in your local community of creators.

What’s in it for you:

  • You will have first access to the EU detailed report and your country’s specific data. You can use this evidence-based report for local policy.
  • You will be acknowledged as an ambassador of the survey and your organization’s logo will be included on all materials of the research.

New deadline is September 30th, let’s make a difference together! 

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