Francesco De Carlo, Quico Viciano and Makea tu vida: Componentes v.2.0

For their physical exchange, makers Francesco De Carlo and Quinco Viciano collaborated with Alberto Flores and Mireia Juan from Makea tu vida in order to further develop and optimize Componentes, a project developed during the first round of the Hyper Global / Hyper Local programme!

The aim of the project was to create a set of joinery pieces that could be easily implemented in any of the mobile devices, already designed and created by Makea tu vida, while taking into account the replicability of the family of components in different contexts and its better adaptability to the capacities of the host communities. During the prototyping phase the team developed various models and combinations for them, which can result to infinite possibilities for their use!

For their final event, the exchange team hosted a workshop at TDMC makerspace, which was open was open to designers, makers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone interested to to explore and experiment with the possibilities of this family of components. As a next step for the project, Francesco, Quinco, Alberto and Mireia plan improve this set of components based on the participants’ feedback! 

Componentes v.2.0 Workshop:

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