Gianmarco Zaccaria and FabLab Lisboa: Circular Makers

Gianmarco Zaccaria, an Italian creative with a background in engineering visited FabLab Lisboa in Portugal and collaborated with Rafael Calado in order further develop Circular Makers, a board game for face-to-face workshops, which explore the concepts of circular economy!

During their exchange, they managed to design the new prototype of the game that addresses the issues of the previous version and creatine the updated parts using 3D printing and laser cutting. The game was designed to be open-source and FabLab-friendly, meaning that anyone can make their own version by downloading the models that were made in Fablab Lisboa, from GitHub. In addition, as their final event Gianmarco and Rafael hosted a live play-testing session, in order to get feedback, ideas and comments from the players!

Laser-cutting the game’s elements:

As a game Circular Makers combines some elements from traditional board games and from other role-playing games. In this context, the players have the role of one of the circular activators present in the city. Each team of activators begins in a different city district and their mission is promote circular initiatives and find solutions to the urban challenges that will arise. The circular teams must work together to create the best circular city possible by the year 2050 and avoid any environmental disasters.

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