Giulia Cerrato and Edvin Lamce: FAMU Gjirokastra

During their Hyper Global / Hyper Local exchange, Giulia Cerrato, an architect based in Italy and Edvin Lamce, member of the Gjirokastra Foundation based in Albania, developed the project FAMU (FAke MUseum), a digital museum in Gjirokastra, dedicated to the town’s craftspeople.

Part of the exchange was also dedicated in facilitating online workshops connecting maker communities from Italy and Albania, with seven territorial marketing operations that are active in the two countries.  These workshops provided the framework for the participants to explore the role makers in transforming their cities.

During their exchange the team also created FAke MUseum’s website, which is addressed to Italian, Albanian and English-speaking audiences. In addition, they conducted a series of interviews with 12 of Gjirokastra’s makers. Through these interviews the 12 makers told their stories, described the tools of their trade and places in the city where craftsmanship can be discovered.

Based on these interviews, an interactive map was also created. FAMU’s visitors can use the map and its planned route in order to discover the workshops and stories of Gjirokastra’s makers, helping them better understand how one of the oldest cities in Albania managed to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Follow the link to visit the FAke MUseum!

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