A mapping of Makers’ Molibity Schemes – 2nd iteration

This document is a guide to makers’ mobility, part of the Makers’ eXchange (MAX) project. The goals are to map and explore the existing landscape of mobility schemes for makers in Europe and to offer a set of tools and data that represents a robust guidance and transferable methodology on embedding makers’ mobility schemes for value creation across Europe.


Policies and Programmes for Makers’ Mobility and Impact Case studies

This report presents the main findings extracted from a set of interviews with stakeholder organisations such as creative spaces (creative hubs, fablabs, makerspaces) and impact case studies compiled within Work Package 4 of the Makers’ eXchange project. The impact case studies present a series of mobility schemes that are featured as examples of inclusive mobility schemes and demonstrate good practices of how mobility can increase skills development.


A Mapping of Makers’ Mobility Schemes

The present document aims to provide guidance on existing mobility schemes and explore the landscape of mobility for makers. The …


The (not-so) hidden crisis: The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on workers in the Cultural and Creative Sectors

This survey is an attempt to better understand the new conditions for cultural and creative workers in Europe brought about …