Republikken Create and FabLab Ioannina: Remote FabLab Operation

Design engineer, Claus Baumann from Republikken Create in Denmark formed an exchange team with Iason Pantazis and visited FabLab Ioannina in Greece. The exchange team collaborated in order to develop a platform for the remote management of the Fab Labs’ equipment, merging both the digital and physical capabilities of Fablab Ioannina and Republikken Create.

Through their exchange, Claus and Iason developed a way to remotely control additive manufacturing devices through transnational connections. These connections provide a platform for remotely controlling and monitoring 3D printing. This tool was tested by users in Denmark and Switzerland, who controlled, uploaded, started and stopped additive manufacturing in Greece. Furthermore, the same connection was established in Denmark and it’s is open for the worldwide community too. This tool provides for continuous collaborative projects between the fab labs and makers’ communities facilitating peer learning and sharing of knowledge. Current and future users of both FabLab Ioannina and Republikken Create will benefit from this new possibility and heighten the reach of the machinery.

For their final event Claus and Iason hosted a presentation, covering in detail the research and the work done during the exchange while it was followed by a networking session (following all Covid Health Regulations). The presentation attracted members of the cultural and innovation scene of the city of Ioannina, while there were also people coming from the makerspace of Habibi.Works, which also participated in the physical exchanges of the second round!

Remote FabLab Operation by Republikken Create and FabLab Ioannina:

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