BioFriction Residency Programme

BioFriction is a research project led by Hangar in collaboration with Bioart Society, Cultivamos Cultura, and Kersnikova Institute with the goal of generating and facilitating spaces for exchange where artists, curators, theoreticians and different social collectives, such as activists and educational projects, can collaborate in transdisciplinary experimental proposals. The projects offer practical alternatives to existing problems in contemporary Europe, such as the rise of essentialist discourses.

BioFriction I


The residencies refer to the combination of biology, biotech and arts as surfaces of friction, with particular attention to the emancipatory potential of biotechnology through interfaces in the context of artistic practices. The time-periods will depend on the needs of the project as well as the place where they are carried out (Hangar, Bioart Society, Cultivamos Cultura or Kersnikova Institute). The residency might be split in two phases if the proposed project requires a long-term work on biological materials.


Revisit, rethink, codesign and codevelop processes, tools and technologies for biological experimentation.


“Repoliticization” of feminism through (bio) practice.

Who is it for?

Individual artists, hackers and members of collectives internationally.


Barcelona, Spain
Helsinki, Finland
Odemira, Portugal
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Duration of stay

15 days to 2 months

Financing amounts

Artist fee.


Roundtrip travel costs.

Research materials budget.

Access to Biolabs/Wetlabs facilities.

Mentoring / tutoring by expert biotechnologists.

Source of funding

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Type of activity


Type of sector

Biology, DIY biotechnology, Research, Science