LABOR is an ephemeral urban laboratory to explore sustainable forms of our society. It wishes to meet the challenges of today’s society by dealing with a major theme: the city of tomorrow. Bivouac is an exhibition that takes the shape of an artistic immersion in the 50’000 m2 of La Rasude, a central district totally unknown to the population of Lausanne.


* Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first Bivouac call was postponed, and the project will take place with new dates in Spring 2021.


Residencies will take place bringing together artists, architects, specialists and students. This on-site work process is essential as it allows the production of a true collective intelligence. Guests will be invited to create works or projects based on the scale of the building, which the public will then be able to discover. Some will last the entire duration of the exhibitions; others will remain until the last stage of LABOR.


The Rasude district is about to undergo major transformation work that will enable it to be open to the public once again. LABOR is an event that is part of the ambitious project to transform the entire Lausanne train station area.


LABOR, through Bivouac wishes to highlight and to enhance the capacity of people to act on urban environment, as inhabitants, users or citizens.

Who is it for?

Individuals and collectives at an international level.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Duration of stay

Mobility will take place during Spring 2021.

Financing amounts

Maximum budget of CHF 8.000 (~7.580 €) per project.

Source of funding


Type of activity

Community event, Residency

Type of sector

Architecture, Urban development, Landscape and urban planning