Creative Flip’s P2P Exchange Programme

The Creative FLIP P2P exchange program is aimed at engaging leading, established, and innovative creative hubs with peers from emerging creative hubs across Europe, as well as with relevant educational institutions.

Creative FLIP Ι



Creative FLIP will organize and support 50 exchanges between creative hubs throughout the EU and its neighborhood. Each exchange will support a team of two hub representatives – a member of the hub managing team and a hub member – providing an opportunity to a total of 100 individuals.


To initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans.

To share knowledge and expertise across Europe and its neighborhood through public and/or community events.

To seek new formats of cross-sectorial cooperation between creative hubs and the educational sector.


Mutual learning experience both for visiting and hosting hubs.

Short mobility schemes (4-5 days) that facilitate immediate communication, flexible scheduling and interconnectivity.

Team-centered applications that focus on collaboration.

A selection of the best five prototypes from both rounds of the P2P scheme will be presented during the closing conference of the project in the first half of 2021.

Who is it for?

Managers and Members of Creative hubs, FabLabs form EU and its neighbouring countries.


EU and its neighbouring countries.

Duration of stay

1st round: Taking place from September to November of 2019, will support 10 exchanges. As a pilot scheme, it is aimed exclusively at the members of European Creative Hubs Network.

2nd round: Taking place in 2020, will support a total of 40 exchanges and will be open to all interested hubs across Europe.

Financing amounts

1.000 or 1.100€ per person is available for the visiting team, depending on the duration of the exchange, covering travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

400 or 700€ for each hosting hub, depending on whether the event they will produce is an internal community event for the hub members only, or a public event open to general audience.

Source of funding

Creative FLIP is a Pilot policy project co-funded by the European Union.

Type of activity


Type of sector