ECHN Project’s P2P scheme

The European Creative Hubs Network was a two-year project co-funded by the European Union and led by the British Council in collaboration with Bios, Addict, Betahaus, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra, Creative Edinburgh, Factoria Cultural and the European Business and Innovation Network. The project aimed to boost significantly the ecosystem that currently supports creative and culture sectors across Europe. It is a peer-led network with a mission to enhance the creative, economic and social impact of hubs.

European Creative Hubs Network Project (2016-2018) I


Beneficiaries experience working methods in different Creative Hubs and participate in setting up a collaborative project. A selection of the best five models, prototypes, ideas, formats from both rounds of the P2P scheme will also be presented during the closing conference of the project.


The programme is aimed at engaging peers from creative hubs with the idea to:

Initiate projects of co-creation, or collaborative plans.
Share knowledge and expertise across Europe and its neighborhood through public and/or community events.
Seek new formats of cross-sectorial cooperation between creative hubs and the educational sector.
Define and test policies and actions for sustaining and developing cultural and creative industries


The European Creative Hubs Network is still active as an independent organization.

Who is it for?

Members and Managers of Creative Hubs from EU countries.


EU countries

Duration of stay

5 days

Financing amounts

1.000€ aimed to help cover partially the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence of beneficiaries who set up for a work experience in a different creative hub.

Source of funding

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Type of activity


Type of sector

CCI’s, Design