Habibi.Works: NetWorks

Habibi.Works is an intercultural maker space and platform for education, empowerment and encounters for refugees and Greek locals in the North of Greece. Habibi.Works was founded by German NGO Soup and Socks e.V. in 2016 as an intercultural FabLab, designed to bring refugees, locals and international experts together to create products and perspectives. 

Habibi.Works I NetWorks


Individuals and small teams, presented their ideas for a 4 day workshop in one of the listed areas (wood, metal, sewing, art&crafts, bicycles, electronics, IT related topics, design) or a combination of them.

The workshops were implemented in 2019 and aimed to train 10 – 20 participants develop new skills in these areas.


Within the program NetWorks, the users of Habibi.Works had the chance to gain skills in the following areas: wood, metal, sewing, art&crafts, bicycles, electronics, IT related topics, design, and many more.


NetWorks allowed people from all around the globe to travel to Greece and connect with people living in refugee camps, getting to
know the challenges they are confronted with and the  talents they have.

Who is it for?

Individuals and small teams up to 3 persons from all over the world.


Ioannina, Greece

Duration of stay

4 days

Financing amounts

300 Euros per person for thravelling costs.

Food and accomodation is covered.

Working space and equipment is provided.

Source of funding

NetWorks was made possible with the support of the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

Type of activity

Residency, Workshop

Type of sector

Arts, Crafts, Digital fabrication, Textile and fashion design, IT, Open-source practices