Hors les Murs

Hors Les Murs is the international mobility programme of the Institut Français, aimed at French artists and culture professionals who wish to travel abroad to develop a specific project in a country of their choice.

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An advisory board composed of experts, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, will study the applications.

In addition to the assessment of the candidate’s professional career, particular attention is paid to the quality of the project, the adequacy between the project and the chosen country, the planned work and contacts already established on site.


Through this programme, the Institut Français plays a significant role in supporting contemporary creation. The process of immersion of artists and makers in an “other” environment allows their practices to be put into perspective, contributes to enriching their work and can give rise to fruitful cooperation.

Who is it for?

Individual artists of French nationality or resident in France for at least 5 years.



Duration of stay

1-3 months

Financing amounts

From 5.000 to 15.000€

Source of funding


French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Culture and Communication

Type of activity


Type of sector

Architecture, Crafts, Design, Digital arts, Fashion design, Performing arts, Visual arts