Onassis Foundation’s EMERGENCY FELLOWSHIPS 2020/21

Onassis Foundation’s Emergency Fellowships is a tailor-made, time-sensitive support for artists and curators living in Greece or anywhere in the world.

Onassis Foundation I www.onassis.org


The Emergency Fellowships are not intended for presenting your work, or for engaging in an academic programme. They are not meant to be used for any kind of production related activity. Instead, these Fellowships are meant to be highly responsive to address volatile situations around the world or in Greece, or time-sensitive artistic research, or unanticipated professional needs.


To support artists and curators around the world cover their specific individual time-sensitive needs.

Who is it for?

Individuals at an international level.


Athens, Greece

Duration of stay

No indication of mobility.

Financing amounts

Each Emergency Fellowship consists of a stipend of up to 3000€, as well as support from the Οnassis AiR team to prepare anything that can help the fellow to engage in the research activity they are about to embark on.

Source of funding

Onassis Foundation

Type of activity

Funding scheme

Type of sector

Arts, Research