Maud Bausier and OpenStructures: H.307

Architect Maud Bausier from Spain, formed an exchange team with the team from OpenStructures at Belgium, and TMDC makerspace, in Spain aiming to investigate open-source hardware ideas on how to create new products from factory waste focusing on developing a small set of modular products.

Through their exchange they experimented with various waste materials produced by TMDC such as plastic, sawdust from CNC machines etc., exploring a recycling process, realized within the makerspaces, in order to build tools and make these raw materials able to be used again. The material research mixed different approaches (crafts, emerging technologies and the circular economy with TMDC for the use of their workshop and waste material) and explored new aesthetics to change the perception of waste and extend the limits of modularity with open-source principles.

The final results of the exchange will be soon available through a GitLab Page dedicated to this project that will be used as a documentation tool and the “collaboration” section of OpenStructures. New parts and applications will be also uploaded in OpenStructures’ database!

Open-source applications developed by waste materials

Take a look at OpenStructures’s database of Applications and Parts!
Take an in-depth look at the exchange by Maud!

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