MAX (Makers’ eXchange) project is a pilot policy project, co-funded by the European Union, that aims to define and test policies and actions supporting the mobility and exchanges of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs and formal and non-formal learning and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way and embed makers’ mobility schemes for skills development and inclusion into mainstream CCIs support programmes, policies and ecosystems across Europe.


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Centre for Creativity, an interview with Mika Cimolini and Urška Krivograd

“What has happened now is that events have become more local and it’s much more difficult to reach new networks. So, it’s important that makers have some kind of support system.”


How is Creativity an Element of Innovation for Skills Development and Social Inclusion?

On the 13th of September, we hosted a discussion on the importance of creative initiatives for skills development and inclusion in the Future Unlocked Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


MAX Panel discussion on the Future Unlocked Conference

A hybrid panel discussion, hosted by the MAX project and the Future Unlocked Conference, aiming to explore how creative initiatives and the creative process can be an element of innovation for social inclusion and skills development.


Hyper Global / Hyper Local Round 2 Selected Participants Announcement

We are super excited to announce the 20 selected exchange teams for the second round of the Hyper Global / Hyper Local exchange programme!


Hyper Global/ Hyper Local Open Call 2

Hyper Global x Hyper Local, an open call that is inviting makers to explore what it means to be both connected physically to local contexts and digitally at a global scale when travel and physical exchanges are not possible. The call addresses makers in the broadest sense of this term, including creative professionals who produce work and projects using technology and/or traditional tools and methods, artists, craftspeople, sculptors and textile designers.

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local

Klemens Kohlweis and Olivia Kotsifa: Ping Pong Away

Klemens Kohlweis collaborated with Olivia Kotsifa and reimagined the game of Ping Pong, during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!