MAX (Makers’ eXchange) project is a pilot policy project, co-funded by the European Union, that aims to define and test policies and actions supporting the mobility and exchanges of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs and formal and non-formal learning and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way and embed makers’ mobility schemes for skills development and inclusion into mainstream CCIs support programmes, policies and ecosystems across Europe.


BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Online

Dimitris Batsis and Keith Duncan: Circuit Stories

Dimitris Batsis and Keith Duncan formed an exchange team and collaborated remotely in order to experiment with DIY audio creation!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Physical

Villae NGO and Volumes: Villa Summer Camp

Villae NGO and Volumes formed an exchnage team to reimagine the Villa Buonaccorsi, in Italy as a creative and productive hub!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Online

Daphne Gerodimou and Cesar Rodriguez: Hyper Local / Hyper Global Vermut

Daphne Gerodimou and Cesar Rodriguez formed an exchange team and experimented with vermut making, during Hyper Local / Hyper Global!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Physical

Viktoria Heinzel and Lottozero Textile Laboratories: Textile Research for Eco Couture Label, cen.

Fashion Designer Viktoria Heinzel collaborated with the team of Lottozero in order to develop her first collection for her sustainable fashion label!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Physical

José Manuel González Martínez and FabLab Benfica: An Introduction to Artistic Research Based on micro:bit

José Manuel González Martínez, visited FabLab Benfica and collaborated with André Rocha to develop a set of activities for a school makerspace setting!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Physical

Lyndsey Walsh and ITMO University: Tissue Culture and Re-Animation

Lyndsey Walsh and Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres formed an exchange in order to experimented with new protocols for working with living tissues and cells for artistic inquiry!