MAX (Makers’ eXchange) project is a pilot policy project, co-funded by the European Union, that aims to define and test policies and actions supporting the mobility and exchanges of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs and formal and non-formal learning and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way and embed makers’ mobility schemes for skills development and inclusion into mainstream CCIs support programmes, policies and ecosystems across Europe.


BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local

África Rodríguez and Zip House: Travelling Performance

Learn more about the Travelling Performance project, developed in during Hyper Global / Hyper Local


Liliana Pereira, ESCAPE – Estúdio de cerâmica

“We need to be connected digitally with other people as there have to be other ways of being creative with each other.”


Hyper Global / Hyper Local Selected Participants Announcement

We are super excited to announce the 10 selected exchanges teams for Hyper Global / Hyper Local!


Samuel Kalika, Critical Concrete

“Maker Culture is trying to have a smaller footprint and thinking of a more equal coherent system. In a way that you pay more attention on where materials come from, how things travel in the world.”


Anja Groten, Hackers & Designers

“The inspirational point of view within makers practices is the openness of trying to share as much different experiences, knowledges, tools and methods as we can and make those available.”


Stephen Kovats, r0g_agency

“For me maker culture really is about the culture of critical making, breaking things open and looking at how they work as well as creating and re-purposing things and making them more useful in new and creative ways.”