New Publication: Policies and Programmes for Makers’ Mobility Schemes & Impact Case Studies

MAX has published its latest deliverable, the “Policies and programmes for Makers’ Mobility Schemes and Impact Case Studies”!

In this new publication, you will gain an overview of the current trends of makers’ mobility in Europe. The first part extracts some important insights from a series of interviews with stakeholders, outlining why mobility is so relevant to makers, what the main challenges that they face are and what they envision for the future mobility. The second part scrutinises a sample of impact case studies, twelve remarkable mobility projects from which MAX extracted a set of recommendations to set up an inclusive mobility scheme for skills development.

This new document was produced by the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), as part of the Work Package 4, in order to advocate for the integration of makers’ mobility schemes into CCI’s policies.

Jump into it and explore the innovative trends of makers’ mobility: you can find the document in the Publications section!

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