Oriol Carrasco and Fab Lab Ioannina: Yfalos project

Architect Oriol Carrasco from Spain formed an exchange team with Iason Pantazis and the team from Fab Lab Ioannina in Greece. Together, they further developed an ongoing project: Yfalos.

“Yfalos Project” is a tool and a modular system for creating bioinspired artificial reef structures, which are able to create a habitat for different marine species in the Mediterranean Sea. The exchange focused on combining computational design expertise and empirical testing in order to distill the basic principles for the development of these reef structures.

The digital nature of the exchange suited an objective of the project, which reflected on how design knowledge gained in one place can be distributed across different places. Oriol and Iason, managed to develop the tool, using the it to fabricate an artefact (reef module) in real life and using the lessons learn from the fabrication process to refine the tool itself.

Both of the parties were very satisfied by their collaboration and plan on refining the current version of their tool, extending its use by adding new functions, fabricating multiple modules and creating an installation in order to raise awareness on the project.

Take a look at the Yfalos project’s online presentation!

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