Roland van Dierendonck and Stadtwerkstatt: Food Ecologies Lab / Riverbank Buffet

Julian Stadon, a maker based in Norway and Roland van Dierendonck of Stadtwerkstatt (STWST) in Austria worked within the Food Ecologies Lab exchange to research food ecologies using fermentation and urban gardening, creating artworks as responses, and integrating those in an experiential format during the festival event, reaching out to local parties to be involved in the development and discussions, and involving the general public that normally would not necessarily end up in an event like this.

During their exchange, Julian and Roland worked together in order to prepare the Riverbank Buffet which would take place during the stwst48x7 festival. They prepared a 2-hour program with 10 dishes containing fermented foods, 10 fermented drinks and 10 artworks at the Donaulände. Each participant was also provided with a piece of bamboo which they carried the entire evening, as a sustainable alternative to plastic cups.

The Riverbank Buffet was held at the Donaulände, a stretch of land along the Danube down from STWST in Linz, crossing over on the sidewalk, inviting both knowledgeable festival-goers and spontaneous passersby to join in at any time and experience Austrian cuisine combined with global fermentation traditions.

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