Bibliothek Andreas Zust Sudio Residencies

The annual residency programme of the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, located in Switzerland.

Bibliothek Andreas Züst I


The Bibliothek Andreas Züst is especially seeking projects that deal with the library as a whole or one of its sub-areas. The Studio Residency Stipend program is to be considered in the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge in the sense of diversity.


The residency should entail research about what constitutes the fabric of our culture and also what goes beyond it.

Who is it for?

Individuals and teams (maximum of four persons) at an international level.


Oberegg, Switzerland

Duration of stay

4 weeks

Financing amounts

Travel costs, accommodation and use of the studio are covered.

A separate request can be made for an additional subsidy for living costs of up to CHF 250 per week (~235 €).

Artistic production costs must be covered privately.


Source of funding


Type of activity


Type of sector

Architecture, Design, Film, Photography, Visual arts, Music, Literature, New media, Theatre