Cel del Nord: in person and online residency

Cel de Nord is an art residency site located in the Catalan countryside. It offers online and in person residency programs to researchers and artists related to specific themes, spanning from women studies, heritage and AI. The residency site is run by volunteers.

In person residency
Online residencies


Cel del Nord offer online or in person residencies in an inspiring environment dominated by nature and picturesque views. Artists are provided with accommodation, breakfast and transportation, in a workspace equipped with technical material and a distraction-free, inspiration-rich space to do extraordinary creative work.


The call invites creatives without expecting a production of a final work. However, every residency proposes a set of themes, such as agriculture, AI, Roman settlements or womanhood, and artists are encouraged to explore these topics.


Cel del Nord exists in a private building. The residency is run – everything from the processing of applications to cleaning the artist’s flat – by volunteers. Their website and other costs are met by voluntary contributions from residents and by holding paid online workshops.

Who is it for?

The residency program is open to researchers, visual artists, photographers, writers and media artists. Applicants do not need to have a formal arts education but must demonstrate an active art practice. Students and recent graduate (within one year) are not eligible.


Oristà, Catalunia (Spain).

Duration of stay

One to two weeks.

Financing amounts

Funded by the residency:
Airport transfer
Basic food supplies

Source of funding

The service is volunteer-based and self-financed by paid online workshops.

Type of activity


Type of sector

Arts, Agriculture, AI, Audio-visual arts, Bio-art, Biology, CCI’s, Circular economy, Curatorial and cross-disciplinary work, Design writing, Digital media arts, Environment, Illustration, Performing arts, Photography, Sculpting, Visual arts, Music, Literature, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, Theatre, Applied arts, Cultural Heritage, Interdisciplinary art practices