KIND’s Artist in Residence Fellowship

A position at KIND known as the “Artist in Residence”, offered annually to an artist with an outstanding reputation.

Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (KIND) I


The selected artist will be invited to come to KIND for a period of about 3 months, in which they will have the opportunity to closely interact with the scientists at the institute, join in work discussions and experience lab work. The expectation is that the Artist-in-Residence fellowship will result in a piece of art that relates to the nanoscience at KIND.


To promote the relationship between the arts and sciences and thus find new ways to interact and communicate concerning discoveries about matter on the nanoscale.


The cross-fertilization between creative approaches and scientific disciplines will evoke disruptive new insights, strengthen ties, and trigger novel approaches.

Who is it for?

Individual artists at an international level.


Delft, The Netherlands

Duration of stay

3 months

Financing amounts

4.000€ reimbursement for each month spent at KIND.

Reasonable travel costs for the one-time travel to and from Delft.

Source of funding


Type of activity


Type of sector

Design, Performing arts, Photography, Visual arts, Music