Vulca Tour/Vulca Seminars

Vulca is a non-profit organization with the mission to bring citizens’ ideas to EU policy makers using a bottom-up approach. They believe that mobility brings the Maker and Hacker community together and enables easier conduction of distributed projects, which would help achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Vulca – European Programme Ι


Vulca started its field research with the aim to understand the impact of makers’ community. For this purpose, they activate a community of people who are living nomad life to explore Maker and Hakerspaces in Europe from villages to capitals.


Sustainable Development and cross-border activities, which would better implement collective solutions.


Development of plans dedicated to reducing future economic, environmental and social disparities, strengthening economic competitiveness, increasing the quality of education and reducing poverty.

Who is it for?

Individual volunteers, makers, hackers, cultural professionals, FabLabs, makerspaces and hackerspaces around Europe.


European Countries

Duration of stay

Depends on the activity.

Financing amounts

Depends on the initiative and relevant donations.

Source of funding

Vulca exists thanks to volunteers. Therefore, they don’t have a stable source of funding.

Type of activity

Seminar, Tour

Type of sector

Design, Education, Engineering, IT, Open-source practices