Hyper Global / Hyper Local Stories Round 1

Meet the makers that participated in our first mobility pilot, and learn everything about the projects that they co-developed during their digital exchanges!

Klemens Kohlweis and Olivia Kotsifa: Ping Pong Away

Klemens Kohlweis collaborated with Olivia Kotsifa and reimagined the game of Ping Pong, during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!

Vitaliy Agapeyev and Slawomir Czajkowski: Adaptogen

Vitaliy Agapeyev and Slawomir Czajkowski, formed an exchange team and developed project Adaptogen during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!

Vicente Varella Forcada, Quico Viciano and Makea tu Vida: Componentes

Designer Vicente Varella Forcada, formed an exchange team with, maker Quico Viciano and the team from Makea tu vida to develop “Componentes” during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!

Oriol Carrasco and Fab Lab Ioannina: Yfalos project

Architect Oriol Carrasco formed an exchange team with Iason Pantazis and the team from Fab Lab Ioannina to further develop Yfalos project during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!

Maud Bausier and OpenStructures: H.307

Learn more about project H.307, developed by architect Maud Bausier and OpenStructures, during Hyper Global / Hyper Local!

Magdalena Mojsiejuk and Marta Madej: Grow a Pop-up

During Hyper Global / Hyper Local, Magdalena Mojsiejuk and Marta Madej exchanged knowledge and skills between their expertise: electronics and paper pop-up crafting!

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