Klemens Kohlweis and Olivia Kotsifa: Ping Pong Away

For this exchange, artist Klemens Kohlweis from Austria, collaborated with Olivia Kotsifa from Decode Fab Lab in Greece, and together they planned to develop an interactive table tennis board using distributed working methods. For this project, the exchange team drew inspiration from the idea about a game that is meant to be played both indoors and outdoors, away from any computer screen, a game that can be played with a partner(s) but at the same time keeping social distance.

Regarding the process, the exchange team agreed that the design of the rackets will take place in Athens, whereas the electronics design will take place in Vienna. After settling on the final design, rackets were fabricated out of plywood and cork, which were laser-cut into shape, while the racket grips were 3D printed. All of the process for creating the project was successfully documented, including instructions for anyone to create it, which are available online at Ping Pong Away!

Here you can find the instructions to create the game at home!

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