What do Creative Spaces think about Makers' Mobility?

Creative Spaces, Makerspaces and FabLabs and share their mobility experiences in a series of interviews, conducted by ECHN, aiming to explore the needs of makers in relation to mobility programmes as well as highlight good practices for social inclusion and skills development.

Centre for Creativity, an interview with Mika Cimolini and Urška Krivograd

“What has happened now is that events have become more local and it’s much more difficult to reach new networks. So, it’s important that makers have some kind of support system.”

Open Dot, an interview with Enrico Bassi

“Creativity for makers is more like a process. It is not that much about being artistic or extravagant, it’s more like approaching a point in a specific way, figuring out solutions.”

Foreningen Maker, an interview with Malte Hertz Jansen

“A lot of things happened in the last 10 years or so, in terms of who we define as a maker or what kind of technologies or machinery they are using. In any case, it’s always nice to see people are using the term maker in the broadest sense.”

FabLab Benfica, an interview with André Rocha

“Mobility experiences help you engage with the local community. You can bring different views and open possibilities for others who are also trying to develop their own projects.”

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