Edouard Renard and Anceu Coliving: Rural Makers

For this exchange, Edouad, a software engineer and robotics teacher from France, visited Anceu Coliving, a uniquely inspiring space for digital nomads, creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and travellers, in Galicia, Spain. During his stay, he collaborated with Agustin Jamardo and the team of Anceu in order to develop tailor-made technological solutions for rural communities.

After some brainstorming sessions with Anceu’s community, Espacio Arroelo and locals from the nearby villages the exchange team identified the main problem around which they would focus their efforts. In Anceu (Galicia), there is no easy way to detect if there is a leak or excessive water usage and someone has to check each counter manually. If a leak happens, weeks can pass before it is detected and this can lead to water shortage in the summer. In order to help the community face this issue, Edouard and Agustin, came with a technological solution for measuring water usage in real-time!

Using rapid prototyping technologies (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.) Edouard and Agustin developed an dashboard that can monitor water usage for each counter in real-time and send them to a cloud server. Once the data is stored in the cloud water consumption can be checked, and leaks can be found immediately within a few hours or days!

Rural Makers | Anceu Coliving 2021

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