Magdalena Mojsiejuk and Marta Madej: Grow a Pop-up

During Hyper Global / Hyper Local, Magdalena Mojsiejuk from Spain and Marta Madej (Studio MATO) from Poland planned to exchange knowledge and skills between their expertise: electronics and paper pop-up crafting.

Throughout organizing internal masterclasses on working with paper, Arduino (an open-source electronic prototyping platform, enabling users to create interactive electronic objects) and basic circuits, Magdalena and Marta achieved digitizing 24 basic popups that can be printed and put together to create a personal book of popup techniques. They also experimented with the use of Circuit Cameo Vinyl Cutter and its dedicated software, Silhouette Cameo, while designing popup cards on the topic of vegetable growth.

During their exchange they also managed to create short tutorials, covering basic paper craft techniques. All of the files that they used and the short instructions for the public as well as more information about their Hyper Global / Hyper Local experience will be available at their website (, which will be live soon!

How long does it take to grow radish?

How long does it take to grow broccoli?

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