Sandra Ten Zijthoff and Habibi.Works: From B.C to 3D – Intersecting ancestral aerophones with 3D printing

Sandra, a Dutch / Peruvian ceramist formed an exchange team with Habibi.Works, an intercultural makerspace in Greece. The objective of the exchange activities was to explain basic sound theory of aerophones and to create whistles, ocarinas, double flutes and whistling vessels with clay and through 3D printing.

During the exchange, Sandra organized a series of 9 workshop sessions for beginners to advanced craftspeople, living in the refugee camp of Katsikas and Greek locals, 15 years and older. These focused mostly on clay instrument construction, while 3D generated instruments were used as a teaching tool to help participants understand how aerophones work. Also 5 participants managed to follow the workshop series from “beginner” to “intermediate” and one participant even managed to reach the “advanced” level.

The collaboration between Habibi.Works and Sandra ten Zijthoff allowed people to approach new materials, designs, techniques and technology in a playful way, without intimidating thresholds, and with the possibility to create tangible objects that can be taken home. The participants of the workshops also managed to connect with the locals and other migrants and strengthen their networks and feeling of connectedness.

Clay Aerophones, From B.C to 3D:

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