Baltic Sea Youth Performance Tour

Jobs for Young Artists is a project coordinated by Arttrain, a Danish NGO promoting the use of art as a tool for learning motivation, is looking for newly educated artists aged 18-30 who are interested in being part of a long-term project together with 20 other young adults from 9 different countries.

Jobs for Young Artists I


Applicants will practice their craft alongside instructors/mentors. After two weeks of rehearsal the project will head out to a performance tour around the Baltic Sea.


Artistic development.


Supports newly educated artists

Who is it for?



Baltic Countries

Duration of stay

1 week training in Finland.
2 weeks rehearsal in Denmark.
2 weeks performance tour with 10-12 performances around The Baltic Sea.

Financing amounts

Food, accommodation, insurance and travel costs are paid by the project.
Exact amounts are not mentioned.

Source of funding

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Type of activity

Exchange, Residency

Type of sector

Arts, Audio-visual arts, Crafts, Digital arts, Digital media arts, Film, Science, Visual arts, Music, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, Theatre, Applied arts, Interdisciplinary art practices