Vicente Varella Forcada, Quico Viciano and Makea tu Vida: Componentes

Designer Vicente Varella Forcada from The Netherlands, formed an exchange team with, the team from Makea tu vida and maker Quico Viciano in Spain. Together, they planned to explore new uses for the public space through the development of tools, artifacts and devices that enable it to become a place for exploring social and creative activities.

The aim of the project was to create a set of joinery pieces that could be easily implemented in any of the mobile devices, already designed and created by Makea tu vida. Through investigating possible uses the team came up with a small collection of 7 products to cover certain needs that they found, while brainstorming. Once the collection is approved for release, they will become available under the license creative commons for every single person to be able to download their plans and produce them using 3D printing technologies.

The collaboration has continued even after the exchange period, finishing up the details of the production for a set of units with the purpose of implementing them in one of Makea tu vida’s projects. This will serve as a user testing face to gather data about the final product’s use and also see people’s level of acceptance towards it. 

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