Vitaliy Agapeyev and Slawomir Czajkowski: Adaptogen

Vitaliy Agapeyev from Ukraine and Slawomir Czajkowski from Poland, both visual artists with a street art background, formed an exchange team and developed project Adaptogen. By using VR-headsets and programs such as Gravity Sketch (a 3D design platform for cross-disciplinary teams to create and collaborate), the team created a virtual space filled with their 3D sculptures, eventually creating an online VR exhibition.

Each of the artists prepared 3 objects. The biggest task that the exchange team faced was to learn a completely new tool, which was 3D modeling in a VR environment. They experimented with possible solutions on how to create final works of art, in such a way that they would not be a difficult to load in the final virtual environment, in which they were exhibited.

Through realizing project Adaptogen, the exchange partners got the opportunity to learn a completely new medium (VR), which they think that will become one of the most interesting fields for artistic expression in the near future.

Attend Adaptogen’s virtual exhibition!