Dimitris Batsis and Keith Duncan: Circuit Stories

Dimitris from Greece and Keith from Germany worked remotely and experimented both theoretically and practically with DIY audio creation. They worked on the design of a DIY synthesizer that produces a variety of sounds and audio effects and a DIY sampler that worked as a recorder and a looper. The synthesizer turned the participant into a sound maker who was able to create brief sound stories involving the sampler, which recorded and reproduced the participant’s voice.

Through a practice based exchange, which had a technical nature (soldering, assembling circuit bending materials etc) the exchange team collaborated with small groups of DIY sound enthusiasts. This way they connected makers from all around the world through the power of sound, whilst letting them collaborate and improvise storytelling, composition, interaction and physical design prototyping.

Circuit Stories Improvisation Session:

As far as the future of the project, the exchange team has already arranged a “Circuit Stories Session” meeting, which will be happening on a steady basis in a platform where Keith , Dimitris and Gennadios Arvanitis, a fellow instrument inventor, will invite makers from all over the world to collaborate. The starting point will be the thematic of improvised narration in conjunction with experimentation on DIY sound devices. The implementation of the project will occur through a monthly online one-hour meeting every time, where the DIY sound devices will be showcased for the first time and the improvised sessions will be captured/recorded. 

Learn more on the Circuit Stories website!

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