CIKE: K.A.I.R. – Košice Artist In Residence

K.A.I.R. is a residential programme for artists from Slovakia and all over the world and from all artistic disciplines and genres. CIKE provides Slovaks a chance to travel to a foreign art centre and they also host people from abroad.



Each residency is either collaboration with a foreign artist or an organisation from Košice or concentrates on the creative work of a Slovak artist abroad. Artists are selected on the basis of open calls in collaboration with international partners. 


To foster mobility, artistic development and collaboration among Slovak and international artists and organisations.


Who is it for?

Artists from all artistic disciplines


Slovakia and internationally

Duration of stay

2 months

Financing amounts

Not mentioned

Source of funding


Type of activity

Exchange, Residency

Type of sector

Arts, Agriculture, AI, Architecture, Audio-visual arts, Bio-art, Bio-science, Biology, CCI’s, Crafts, Circular economy, Curatorial and cross-disciplinary work, Data science, Design, Design writing, Digital approaches, Digital arts and new media, Digital fabrication, Digital media arts, DIT practices, DIY biotechnology, DIY practices, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Textile and fashion design, Film, Healthcare, Illustration, IT, Jewellery, Machine Learning, Media arts, Media performance, Open medicine, Open-source practices, Performing arts, Photography, Printmaking, Research, Robotics, Science, STEAM, Sculpting, Technology, Textiles, Visual arts, Wearables, Music, Literature, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, New media, Theatre, Urban development, Landscape and urban planning, Plastic arts, Applied arts, Cultural Heritage, Transdisciplinary art practices, Digital arts, Fashion design, Interdisciplinary art practices