Cultivating Open-Source Agriculture in Tzoumerka

International agricultural co-design and distributed manufacturing retreat part of the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka activities for project Phygital. Phygital is a project, co-funded by the EU that aims to pilot, evaluate and promote an emerging production and business model, based on the conjunction of global digital commons of knowledge, stemming from various open-source projects.

Phygital European Project Ι


The creative teams, of up to 4 persons per team, will join the event in Kalentzi and co-create open-source, small-scale solutions for the agricultural sector.


Selected teams, will introduce their solutions to the local community and manufacture it with their help in three days, keeping local biophysical conditions in mind.


Fosters agriculture economy though open-source solutions.

Who is it for?

Teams up to 4 persons of makers and DIY enthusiasts from European Countries.


Kalentzi, Greece

Duration of stay

3 days

Financing amounts

Travel & accommodation expenses, as well as cost of materials for the production of the solutions.

The facilities of Tzoumakers Maker community in
Tzoumerka), including open-source, digital fabrication equipment.

A lump sum of 1.000€, as an “innovation prize” for each selected project.

Source of funding

  • Co-funded by the
    European Union under the
    Transnational Cooperation
    Programme Iterreg V-B
    “Balkan – Mediterranean
  • National funds of
    participating countries

Type of activity

Community event

Type of sector

Agriculture, Design, Open-source practices, Science