Feral Labs Network’s Summer Camps and Residencies

Feral Labs Network, a network of temporary dislocated hubs for research in art, technology and communities, interested in art-science, research and contemporary do-it-yourself (DIY) & do-it-with-others (DIWO) communities. Part of its activities include the organization of a series of camps and similar kinds of temporary creative environments.

Feral Labs Network Ι ferallabs.net


Partners will create temporary creative hubs that will vary in scope, format and topics covered, but will all have joint methodological starting points: temporary, international, remote, open and transdisciplinary (art-technology-science).

These actions will be additionally extended and connected via a strong transnational outreach and media strategy as well as community-oriented Artist-In-Residence programmes and Summer Camps.


The aim of these programmes is focused on creation & cross-pollination of knowledge and sharing in inclusive activities, exploring technological and environmental challenges, building a resilient network, rethinking and boosting the outreach beyond permanent Creative Hubs.


Creates bridges between makers and artists.

Who is it for?

Individual artists, hackers, makers and groups (depending on the project).


Feral Labs A-I-R: Depends on the programme
Catch Summer Camp: Helsingør, Denmark
Electric Wonderland: Fužine, Rakov Jarak, Croatia
PIFcamp: Soča, Slovenia
Field Notes: Lapland, Finland
Schmiede – Playground of Ideas: Hallein, Austria

Duration of stay

8-10 days camps
1-month residencies

Financing amounts

Summer camp participants pay their transport and a moderate fee for accommodation and subsistence (depending the camp) and can benefit on site from the overall support of the event with equipment, activities, mentoring, etc.

Residencies include fees, transports and accommodation, as well as production budget.

Source of funding

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Type of activity

Community event, Residency, Summer camp

Type of sector

Bio-art, Design, DIT practices, Engineering, Environment, IT, Research, Science