International Itinerant Residency

VeículoSUR is a residency that travels internationally and serves the purpose of artistic networking. It promotes exchange and encounters between artists and cultural practitioners. It facilitates synergies between professional and emerging artists who explore different forms of artistic practice and production through dialogue, collaboration and exchange.

veículoSUR  I


The residency proposes displacement as a format, both in terms of artistic creation and ideological mobility, providing spaces for training, production, artistic actions, and debate on personal and collective emergencies.

Ιn each one of the cities participating, there will be specific programming, from the transversal theme, crossing, provoking and encouraging reflections and displacements, in dialogue with the context of each country.


To encourage exchange and meeting between creators from the participating countries.

To generate synergies between professional and emerging artists who devise/reflect artistic production and practice.

Who is it for?

Individual artists and cultural professionals from
Uruguay (national level),
Chile (national level),
Brazil (Sao Paulo/State),
France (national level),
Germany (Munich)
Finland (national level).


The residency takes shape in a group of artists who move, together, in a journey from south to north: Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, France, Germany, and Finland.

Duration of stay

2 weeks by average, depending on the project

Financing amounts

Transfer from the country of residence to the countries that are part of the itinerary.

Transfer between the countries on the itinerary.

Accommodation in all countries on the itinerary.

Catering in all countries on the itinerary.

Scholarship of 2.500€ for the entire travel time.

Transfer within each country.

Working space and material in all countries on the itinerary.

3.000€ fee for the entire journey divided into two payments.

Source of funding


Type of activity

Exchange, Residency

Type of sector

Arts, Audio-visual arts, Crafts, Digital arts, Digital media arts, Film, Science, Visual arts, Music, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, Theatre, Applied arts, Interdisciplinary art practices