MADE IN Residencies and Workshops

MADE IN is a research, design and heritage platform that proposes new collaborative practices and knowledge exchange between the traditional craftspeople and contemporary designers. It engages craftspeople, designers, researchers, curators and theoreticians on a quest to pose relevant questions about the topics of heritage and production in today’s society through research and archiving of local crafts, conducting workshops and residencies and promoting ideas through a travelling exhibition.

MADE IN Platform Ι


The project will advocate accessible and inclusive design and present European craft heritage to wider public, by organizing “in vivo” actions i.e., ensuring constructive dialogue, organizing residencies and developing projects connecting craftsmen and designers and encouraging interaction of practitioners (designers and craftsmen) with audiences of different generations and social groups.


The project aims to preserve the cultural and artistic identity of traditional manufacturers and craftspeople through contemporary practices.


Designers and traditional craftspeople work together, exchanging practices.

Who is it for?

Individual makers, artists, FabLabs and makerspaces from European Countries.


Depends on the project.

Duration of stay

Depends on the project.

Financing amounts

Depends on the project.

Source of funding

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Type of activity

Residency, Workshop

Type of sector

Architecture, Crafts, Design, Media arts, Visual arts