Mobility fund for Cultural Practitioners and Artists

Mobility fund for cultural practitioners and artists is the Balkankult Foundation’s strategic project, becoming part of a great European project conducted by the ERICArts Institute in Bonn.

BalkanKult Foundation I


The Fund supports traveling, accommodation or participation of artists and practitioners, including policy makers, by covering the mobility scheme’s costs in various cultural events, institutions, residential centers, workshops, conferences, etc.


Cross communication between the Balkan region and the rest of Europe in the field of arts.

Creating new models of economy based on arts and creativity.


Promotes new models of economic growth based in creativity.

Who is it for?

Individual artists and cultural practitioners from the Balkan region and European Countries.


Western Balkans

Duration of stay

Depends on the project

Financing amounts

Exact amounts depend on the project and relevant donations.

Source of funding

Voluntary donors

Type of activity


Type of sector

Arts, Audio-visual arts, Crafts, Digital arts, Digital media arts, Film, Science, Visual arts, Music, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, Theatre, Applied arts, Interdisciplinary art practices