WpZimmer’s Fall 2021 Residency

Based in Antwerp, wpZimmer is an international workspace for artistic practice building, taking into consideration all aspects of an artistic trajectory. The organization revolves around the needs of the artists, their desire to research or create and the development of their skills and practices.

wpZimmer I wpzimmer.be


WpZimmer provides time and space for artistic development or research along with opportunities for conversations and exchange with peers to artists with a project, an idea or a research question.


Support of research and creation across all disciplinary and contextual borders.


Interest in a diversity of artistic practices, languages and backgrounds.

Stimulation of solidarity, care and dialogue.

Encouragement of experimentation that challenges the underlying conditions of working and managing contemporary art.

Who is it for?

Individual cultural workers, activists, researchers and collectives at an international level.


Antwerp, Belgium

Duration of stay

Two residency periods of 2-3 weeks each.

Financing amounts

Between 1.000€ and 2.500€ depending on length of residency and number of participants.

Source of funding


Type of activity

Residency, Training

Type of sector

Arts, Agriculture, AI, Architecture, Audio-visual arts, Bio-art, Biology, CCI’s, Crafts, Curcular economy, Curatorial and cross-disciplinary work, Data science, Design, Design writing, Digital approaches, Digital arts, Digital fabrication, Digital media arts, DIT practices, DIY biotechnology, DIY practices, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Fashion design, Film, Healthcare, Illustration, IT, Jewellery, Machine Learning, Media arts, Media performance, Open medicine, Open-source practices, Performing arts, Photography, Printmaking, Research, Robotics, Science, STEAM, Sculpting, Technology, Textiles, Visual arts, Wearables, Music, Literature, Contemporary art, Virtual media art, New media, Theatre, Urban development, Landscape and urban planning, Plastic arts, Applied arts, Cultural Heritage, Interdisciplinary art practices