Wolf Kühr and Republikken: Baltic Sea Hub Tour by Bike

Wolf Kühr, partner of Volumes in France, formed an exchange team with Ivan Lopez Garrido and the team from Republikken in Denmark, in order to promote and experience another way of networking, meeting, exchanging, ideating new projects with people in the physical realm without fossil fuels transportation. In order to do this, Wolf travelled by bike from Hamburg to Copenhagen in order to visit Republikken and share his experience.

Through this tour, Wolf explored the experience of a zero-carbon emission trip and how it could be used as a narrative for promoting discussions on the role of creative and productive hubs in the climate debate. In addition to than, once he arrived in Copenhagen, he conducted a series of interviews with 5 local stakeholders (Stykka, Maker-effekt, Cityplanner of the Kommune of Copenhagen, Space NV, Republikken) in order to exchange views on this topic.

Finally , to conclude their exchange, Wolf and the team from Republikken hosted a public event in order to present the outcomes of theis experience. The event was a talk on the topic of zero-carbon networking, the role of creative hubs in the debate of climate change and how the creative and cultural sector can contribute to a sustainable future.

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