MAX (Makers’ eXchange) project is a pilot policy project, co-funded by the European Union, that aims to define and test policies and actions supporting the mobility and exchanges of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs and formal and non-formal learning and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way and embed makers’ mobility schemes for skills development and inclusion into mainstream CCIs support programmes, policies and ecosystems across Europe.


BlogStakeholder Interviews

Digijeunes, an interview with Simone Ferrecchia,

“From the start, when we set up the organization, we engaged with mobility programs. That’s how we learned to do our work, because each time, it was an exchange of experiences and good practices!”

BlogStakeholder Interviews

Foreningen Maker, an interview with Malte Hertz Jansen

“A lot of things happened in the last 10 years or so, in terms of who we define as a maker or what kind of technologies or machinery they are using. In any case, it’s always nice to see people are using the term maker in the broadest sense.”

BlogStakeholder Interviews

SYN Fab Lab, an interview with Olivia Kotsifa

“Makers really need to be open to blend in with the community in order to relate with them and collaborate efficiently, proposing solutions that address actual needs or to get to know their culture and way of working, to achieve good outcomes.”

BlogStakeholder Interviews

Open Dot, an interview with Enrico Bassi

“Creativity for makers is more like a process. It is not that much about being artistic or extravagant, it’s more like approaching a point in a specific way, figuring out solutions.”

Hyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – PhysicalNEWS

Interview with Projekt Atol’s Tina Dolinšek and Václav Peloušek: drawing with sound at Modul@rnice

Makery interviewed Tina Dolinšek (Projekt Atol) and Václav Peloušek about the workshop they facilitated in Ljubljana on how to draw with sound!

BlogHyper Global x Hyper Local 2 – Physical

Republikken Create and FabLab Ioannina: Remote FabLab Operation

Claus Baumann from Republikken Create formed an exchange team with Iason Pantazis and visited FabLab Ioannina in order to develop a project that would allow the remote collaboration of the two makerspaces!